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What is Jivamukti Yoga?

Jivamukti classes are based on Ashtanga Yoga and combine a dynamic vinyasa(flowing) asana practice with a spiritual focus or intention and are taught to an upbeat eclectic music playlist.

About Amrita

Zimbabwean born Julia Deans-Dundas, also known as ‘Amrita’ has been practicing yoga for 16 years and teaching for 11 years. After completing the Jivamukti Teacher Training in New York in 2008 with Sharon Gannon and David Life, she went on to complete an apprenticeship at Jivamukti Yoga London and is now a qualified 800 hour certified Jivamukti teacher. Amrita currently teaches in Brighton and the South East of England and has taught locally and internationally on retreats in the UK, Turkey and the Netherlands. She also runs mentorship programmes for qualified yoga teachers who want tolearn more specific skills and receive one-to-one guidance to improve their teaching.

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Yoga Assists Immersion Day for Teachers with Amrita

Assisting another person well while teaching a class takes awareness, sensitivity, forethought, knowledge of the anatomy and energy of the body and practice! We apply yoga assists to help grounding, alignment, ease, a sense of lightness, and for relaxation.
During this full day immersion you will practice giving and receiving each other assists, and learn a lot from trying it out! At the end of the day you will be able to apply a variety of assists on your students with confidence.
During the workshop you will first experience receiving assists from Amrita during a Jivamukti style vinyasa practice. Amrita will give a short talk on the fundamentals of Yoga Assists to give you more background and you will learn basic assists through watching, giving and receiving and feedback, working in partners.
We will also look at the application and use of props for our students to experience poses more deeply. At the end we will also practice giving and receiving assists for Shavasana/corpse pose, the posture of deep relaxation .
Having taught and studied for many years in the Jivamukti yoga method, where hands-on adjustments are an important component of teaching a yoga class, Amrita is looking forward to sharing some of the knowledge she has gained over the years with other yoga teachers whether you have been teaching for years or are just starting out, this is a fun, informative workshop to add to your skill set.
Rough Workshop Schedule
10.30-12.00 - Jivamukti Yoga practice with hands on assists
12.00-12.45 Tea/coffee (provided) and light lunch(bring your own)
12.45-13.15 Talk on Yoga Assists
13.15-17.00 - Practice Playshop going through assists for Standing, Balancing,
Twisting, Forward Bends, Back bends, Inversions and Shavasana
Recommended Reading:
“Yoga Assists” by Sharon Gannon and David Life available on Amazon
Workshop Price: £60
Contact Amrita to book your place by private message
+44 7887428740
or by email:
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October 08, 2017
10:30 AM

Jivamukti Yoga Weekend with Amrita at About Balance

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Jivamukti Back Bending Master Class

A Jivamukti inspired class focusing on the exploration of back bending and heart opening.

Utilising pranayama, a longer warm up and vinyasa krama(the dynamic sequencing of yoga asana) in a well heated room we will prepare the body to move effortlessly and playfully into more advanced back bending.

This class is inspired by the classic Jivamukti Back bending practice as taught by David Life and Sharon Gannon(co-founders of the Jivamukti Yoga method).

The class is not recommended for beginners and will be an intermediate/advanced level.

Price: £50

October 28, 2017
2:00 PM


Jivamukti - Energy Balance and Chakra Tuning

October 29, 2017
2:00 PM

Amrita currently teaches in Brighton and the South East of England and has taught international retreats in Turkey and the Netherlands.